Client Case Study (Shopify Package)

Incredible First 45 Day Results

In this video we showcase our client Shopify Store's first 2 months of starting with us.

2 Months of Working With Us

  • -$68,000+ in Revenue
  • -3.88% Conversion Rate
  • -1,600+ Orders
  • -$41 AOV


Advertising Costs

  • -$14,500 in Ad Cost
  • -ROAS: 4.7 Return on Adspend
  • -23%+ Profit Margin


Estimated Profit: ~$15,000

This service is NOT for everyone. This service is for you if:

  • -You Have Over $20,000 Liquid Capital
  • -You are Ready to Own a Passive Income Asset
  • -You Had Interest in Owning an Online Business
  • -You Are A Good Partner


Client success is our top priority. Let's scale together.

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